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  • I’m often asked for tips on how to translate an academic CV into a resume that is appealing to employers. I think people who ask this are looking for magic buzzwords to use in place of terms like “journal club” and “genotyping.” And, it’s true, there are ways to frame
  • There is only one universal answer: Plan seriously for your Plan B. It’s as simple as that. Not planning for the (very likely chance) that you may not end up with a faculty track career in academia today is like buying a home by a lake that is known to
  • “I’m a scientist.” It’s a title that packs a punch. In summer blockbusters, there’s guaranteed to be a mad scientist behind the mayhem, or a researcher desperately searching for a high-tech solution every time monsters or supervillains appear on the big screen. In the real world, though, the details of
  • As someone who entered a biotechnology startup out of grad school and have coached and interviewed PhDs for different positions within and outside startups, it’s clear to me that scientists can thrive in the breakneck, uncertain environment of startup companies. Since science can be frustrating, ambiguous and in need of
  • “You do research; don’t let research do you.”   Here’s what most PhD students do (esp in bench-based PhDs): Avoid doing things they know they have to do but don’t want to (e.g. running another repeat experiment because the error bars are still too big…) Starting to read another paper
  • This depends. How easily can you get relevant experience in your PhD vs in the workplace? PhD research typically is centered on deep investigation of a specific niche, and depending on where you are, that may be more easily accomplished in either scenario. More relevant to your question is what
  • An excellent question!  As a STEM PhD graduate and avid learner entering my first job at a startup company, here are the four biggest lessons I learned in my first year: Control your ego Do not take negative feedback personally. It does not reflect upon your worth as a person.
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