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  • While many people pursue a PhD to expand their knowledge and critical thinking skills, it is usually assumed that a person can have any job that they want with those three magical letters after their name. But once the time comes, the task of finding a job can be daunting.
  • There is only one universal answer: Plan seriously for your Plan B. It’s as simple as that. Not planning for the (very likely chance) that you may not end up with a faculty track career in academia today is like buying a home by a lake that is known to
  • This is a great question. The job hunt is, for the average PhD, as much of a mini marathon as your PhD was, so you want to prepare and plan well: Developing marketable skills (45%) – this doesn’t just have to be learning a hard skill, though this is of course
  • This is an easy one.  Your program’s ranking certainly can have an effect, but it doesn’t necessarily spell INSTANT JOB.  It also doesn’t necessarily spell INSTANT REJECT. It all depends on the post-PhD job you’re applying for.  The more closely and tangibly your skillsets and experience are a fit for
  • Remember how you set up a great project management system to organize your PhD project? Yeah, me neither. Organizing around a process is the foundation of many professional project management responsibilities.  When it comes to your job search, having an organized process for your background research, application materials and other
  • One of the biggest problems I know that PhDs have when thinking about taking the leap into a new job, whether directly from academia or from an existing “real world” position, is: What if I’m not happy? What if it’s the wrong decision? What if I hate the work? “The
  • A quora user asked if government funding would help the PhD employment situation, citing the belief that PhDs hate industry jobs and consider them a failure.  The asker wondered why complex jobs that are not easily automated are not being handled by people such as those with PhDs.   PhDs don’t
  • This is one of the most loaded questions, and one of the most pervasive thoughts that flood the mind of the PhD grad student or postdoc (or even early stage faculty). Will I have a happier life if I continue forward? Will I be missing out on the promised life
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