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  • Ah, networking for PhDs.  One of those love-to-hate-it topics. When you were attending a conference, how much time did you spend talking to people who approached you? How much talking to new people that you initiated conversations with? For the average person from academia, we spend about 90% of the
  • There is only one universal answer: Plan seriously for your Plan B. It’s as simple as that. Not planning for the (very likely chance) that you may not end up with a faculty track career in academia today is like buying a home by a lake that is known to
  • You go out and look for them. It sounds a bit facetious, but I’m not kidding. If we think about how most people found the opportunities they got, it’s usually not by sitting in their labs or research offices 80% of their lives, then going home and surfing Facebook the
  • This is a great question. The job hunt is, for the average PhD, as much of a mini marathon as your PhD was, so you want to prepare and plan well: Developing marketable skills (45%) – this doesn’t just have to be learning a hard skill, though this is of course
  • Wrong Ways to Ask for Job Referrals – And Why!   While I’m not in my company’s HR department, we’re small enough that personal referrals do make a difference. Individuals  can indeed advance applications to the right person, because employees are more likely to work directly with many upper management-level personnel in small
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