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We are excited to introduce our unique Free the PhD Career Teaching Tools. Bring these home for yourself, or integrate them into your institutional career development programming for immersive career exploration and job hunt preparation that engages, challenges, excites, and leads to positive action for PhDs. Based on real world hiring expertise, tailored for academic use. There is limited stock per print run, so we’d love to get you your decks today!

Our Job Title Career Card Deck introduces students and postdocs to the diversity of real job roles in a structured, actionable manner. Our Micro-Consulting Cases introduces students and postdocs to a hands-on taste of the work experiences that hiring managers are looking for. Our Interview Prep Card Deck introduces students and postdocs to the variety of questions that are typically asked in interviews. Includes both behavioral and technical questions, as well as questions addressing typical anti-academic biases that PhDs often get! Our Hiring Manager’s Kit is the full graduate career kit inspired by our experience with and as hiring managers.

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Our Founder, Vay Cao, was asked to contribute a chapter to a book about independent scholarship and leaving academia, part of a series called Rethinking Careers, Rethinking Academia, published by the University of Kansas Press. The book is called Independent Scholars Meet the World – Expanding Academia Beyond the Academy. It has a release date of October 5th, 2020 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon! Below is a summary:

For too long graduate school was viewed solely as a pipeline to teaching positions at colleges and universities. As MAs and PhDs proliferate and opportunities in the academy narrow, this timely book reminds us that the academy is only one of many venues for satisfying and successful scholarly endeavor.


The contributors to Independent Scholars Meet the World offer the advice and encouragement they wish they’d received when heading into uncharted postgraduate territory. They demonstrate that success awaits the determined and resourceful scholar pursuing a different path towards “expanded-ac.”

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