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  • One of the biggest problems I know that PhDs have when thinking about taking the leap into a new job, whether directly from academia or from an existing “real world” position, is: What if I’m not happy? What if it’s the wrong decision? What if I hate the work? “The
  • “You do research; don’t let research do you.”   Here’s what most PhD students do (esp in bench-based PhDs): Avoid doing things they know they have to do but don’t want to (e.g. running another repeat experiment because the error bars are still too big…) Starting to read another paper
  • A quora user who had went to the trouble of applying for PhD programs realized upon visiting the campuses that they actually may not want to pursue research as a career anymore. Although they had thought they wanted to be a professor, actually talking to the graduate students put new doubts in
  • A quora user asked if government funding would help the PhD employment situation, citing the belief that PhDs hate industry jobs and consider them a failure.  The asker wondered why complex jobs that are not easily automated are not being handled by people such as those with PhDs.   PhDs don’t
  • This depends. How easily can you get relevant experience in your PhD vs in the workplace? PhD research typically is centered on deep investigation of a specific niche, and depending on where you are, that may be more easily accomplished in either scenario. More relevant to your question is what
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