Live Trainings & Workshops for Students, PhDs and Postdocs

Free the PhD would love to visit your campus or institution! 

We work closely with individual students, Graduate Student Councils or Academic Departments to host impactful, motivational and actionable workshops and trainings for your talented technical students, PhDs, postdocs and other technical or research trained professionals.

If your trainees or constituents are struggling to find the jobs of their dreams, together we can give them the tools and support they want.

It’s time to help each other build confidence and learn how to best utilize the amazing career opportunities around each of us before it’s too late!

Free the PhD already held successful career workshops, leadership discussions, seminars and talks for the general public, STEM students, and specialty PhDs at institutions like:


Sample Free the PhD Graduate or Postdoc Career Transition Workshop Agenda

  1. (30 minutes) Introduction – Freeing the Definition of a PhD.  Address the common fears and misconceptions about what opportunities are available for PhD-trained researchers outside of academia, including “wasting” your degree, and not getting enough intellectual stimulation in a 9-5 job.
  2. (20 minutes) Career Path Matching – Find Your Strengths.  Partner exercise to determine personal strengths, interests and preferences
  3. (30 minutes) Gathering Job Intelligence –  Small group “Career speed-dating” exercise with micro-business prompts to identify roles of interest and missing skillsets.
  4. (20 minutes) Leveraging LinkedIn – Connecting to Learn.  Interactive exercise where participants will evaluate a partner’s LinkedIn profile, and reach out to 5 new connections to seed their network.
  5. (30 minutes) Preparing For A Lifetime of Success – Close with stories of PhD career path results.  Demonstrate 2 take-home career-building exercises (Clear Communication Drills & How to Identify Opportunities).
  6. (10 minutes) Q&A and Networking

The topics and focus can be tailored to your audience – get in touch and let us know what you need!