What’s the timeline for shifting from academia to industry?

What should you be thinking about, depending on what stage of your research training that you're in?  Let's take a look! Best Case Scenario Early in your PhD career, yrs 2–4 Get to know, or explore some organizations or groups doing something you find interesting (non research related) and contribute in a tangible way.  If

Why do some people hate their PhD?

The disappointment or avoidance of talking about one's graduate research experience can be disheartening for advocates of science, or budding scientists.  Why are some people so unhappy about their decision to do high-level scientific research? If we examine the reasons, it should not seem like a mystery: The people. Like any job, your experience in a

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What should PhD students do in their free time?

"You do research; don’t let research do you." Here’s what most PhD students do (esp in bench-based PhDs): Avoid doing things they know they have to do but don’t want to (e.g. running another repeat experiment because the error bars are still too big…) Starting to read another paper