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Neuroscience PhD to Head of Neuroscience Research – Jermaine Ross, Ph.D.

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By Camillia Monestime, Ph.D. We've all been there. You're passionate and driven on a topic - but not sure where to go from there. Not sure what the next steps are to pursue this goal. Dr. Jermaine Ross recounts how his love for science, networking, his openness to opportunity, and great mentors ultimately helped him [...]

Cellular, Molecular, Developmental Biology & Biophysics PhD to Technical Sales Manager – Becky Fallon, Ph.D.

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Feel like you're not following a linear trajectory from graduate school to your career path? Currently in graduate school or a recent graduate grappling with your next steps? Dr. Becky Fallon weaves a story detailing her path from graduate school to her current position as a Technical Sales Manager. She offers insight to her success [...]